The consensus based template for reporting...

..from the pre-hospital medical management after a major incident is freely available on this webpage. If you have been part of the medical response to or management of a major incident, you are encouraged to register to submit a report from the incident. You will receive a username and password to start your online submission process.

The template

The consensus based template for reporting from the pre-hospital medical management after a major incident was developed using a modified nominal group technique. The template will be tested for feasibility and revised in collaboration with leading experts in the field. Download the open access template directly from this webpage.


The results

You may freely download the template and use it as you find suitable. We encourage all authors to submit their reports on the site and thereby contribute to create an international open access database. All submitted reports will be eligible for a yearly summary in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, and particularly informative reports will be considered for publication in full-version.

Instructions to authors

Once you register to submit a report, you will (if the report is approved) be authorized with a username and password. Follow the template and collect the necessary data before starting the on-line submission. To facilitate the process, a check-list is available


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