The consensus-based template for reporting...

... from the pre-hospital medical management after a major incident is the result of a Ph.D.-project initiated and financed by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation. The overall goal is to improve the future medical response to major incidents, and the template should be used as an instrument to this end. The main responsibility for handling major incidents lies with national and international health authorities, and the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation will work systematically to anchor both the template and the webpage with the authorities. In the meantime, the Foundation sponsors the running and maintenance of the database. Responsibility for the content of submitted reports lies with the authors. For further information click here.

The results

You may freely download the template and use it as you find suitable. We encourage all authors to submit their reports on and thereby contribute to creating an international open access database of major incident reports. All submitted reports will be eligible for a yearly summary in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, and particularly informative reports will be considered for publication in full-version.

Instructions to authors

Once you register to submit a report, you will be authorized with a username and password. We suggest downloading the template and collecting the necessary data before starting the on-line submission. To facilitate the process, a check-list is available. Please be informed that the author/s must accept the terms of the disclaimer before the report can be submitted.

Letter of support from NHS:
It is extremely important that we continue to identify issues/lessons arising out of major incidents and that we share those lessons to improve patient outcome in future events/incident and indeed that it informs our planning for such events... [ read more ]

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